A Scary Reminder of Tablesaw Kickback

Table Saw Kickback
Table Saw Kickback

Dumb, Dumb, Dumb!

If you’ve used power tools for any length of time, you recognize that they are potentially dangerous tools with LOTS of power.  If you’ve read your owner’s manual or watched any video, chances are you’ve heard the speeches and disclaimers about using safety guards.  Things like the riving knife and blade guard on your table saw for example.

Ever wonder if these are just disclaimers to keep you from blaming the manufacturer if something bad happens?  Kind of like “careful it’s hot” messages on coffee?

Check out this video to see what tablesaw kickback looks like.  The author of this video admits that he was stupid to try it (and he certainly was), but, more incredibly, he doesn’t realize just how close he came to losing a finger (or worse) until he slowed down the replay of the video.

Watch this video (particularly near the end) to see just how dangerous a tablesaw can be, and why the safety guards are a must when operating them.