A Workbench to Last a Lifetime

Heavy Duty Workbench

When setting up shop for woodworking, a flat, stable work surface is an essential tool for success.  Luckily, it also makes a great woodworking project.  Read on to see how you can build this amazing workbench for your shop.

Whether cutting, sanding, assembling, painting or doing almost anything else in the shop, a workbench makes the job easier.  A bench allows you to work at a comfortable height, offers a flat and stable surface to assemble on and also provides ample space to attach clamps and vices.

When starting out woodworking, building your skills is as important as the materials you use for a project.  This Heavy Duty Workbench plan comes from the team at The Woodsmith Shop TV show.

This bench offers plenty of work area, a storage shelf and a built-in vice.  It’s also built entirely from materials available from your local home center.  While you could easily modify the design and upgrade the materials, there’s no need to do so.  Given a weekend of work and easy-to-procure materials, you could have a workbench built and ready for use in your shop.

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