About Us

Begin Woodworking is a comprehensive training resource providing motivated DIYers the information and education needed to master the art of woodworking. Our blog is a comprehensive collection of tips, techniques, tool reviews and shop-tested shortcuts to enable any home improvement enthusiast to become a confident and successful in their wood shop.

Our goals are to provide you with useful information and/or links to useful information that will help you to quickly improve your woodworking skills or somehow improve your woodworking experience.  We are a bunch of DIY woodworkers, not woodworking professionals, so our focus will be on how to tackle woodworking challenges using “normal” tools and techniques.  When looking over professional woodworking sites, they tend to have every power and hand tool available and always have just the right tool to fit the current project.  We recognize that most woodworkers have limited tool (and fund) resources, so we’ll show you what tools you need and how to get creative when tackling projects even if you don’t have the exact tool necessary.

Content for the site tends to come from multiple sources.  I (Wayne Foreman) create some of the content myself and we use guest writers to provide quite a bit of our content.  Our goal is to get useful information in your hands through whatever means we can.  We’ll link to other woodworking sites, YouTube and also provide original content… all so we can make it as easy as possible for you to learn and get great tips quickly so you can get back into the shop as fast as possible!

We are based out of Atlanta, Georgia USA and much of the woodworking projects shown on our site are created in our basement workshop with just a handful of tools.

If you have questions for us or have ideas on ways we can improve the site, feel free to use our Contact Us page.

Similarly, if you are interested in submitting an article for us to consider for publishing, Contact Us and we’ll be glad to work with you.

Thank you for checking out the site we hope to help you improve your woodworking skills!