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Dust Separator Review

By Wayne / April 6, 2013

Dust collection is an extremely important consideration for woodworkers.  At best, woodworking dust is a nuisance, at worst, fine dust can be deadly if it builds up in your lungs.  The right way to remove dust from your shop is to vacuum it, not to sweep it . A Shop Vac is a great tool […]


Supercharge Your ShopVac

By Wayne / April 5, 2013

If you’ve ever used a Shop Vac to clean your woodshop, you have quickly realized that the fine dust particles clog up the Shop Vac filter very quickly.  A clogged filter means less suction power and increased strain on the motor, likely causing the motor to fail prematurely.  Today’s article will show you a clever […]


When to Sharpen a Saw Blade

By Wayne / April 4, 2013

If you’ve been cutting wood for any length of time, the question has come to your mind…. do I clean and sharpen my saw blade or should I just get rid of it and get a new one? Given that every woodworker likely has multiple blades in their shop, knowing the answer to this question […]


Build Birdhouses for Fun and Profit

By Wayne / April 2, 2013

Once you start building projects around your home and for friends, it’s natural to think about ways to turn your hobby into profit.  Whether you are looking for a full-time income or just some extra spending cash, a great place to start is by building bird houses.


Introduction to Handheld Routers

By Wayne / April 1, 2013

Steve Ramsey from Woodworking for Mere Mortals takes us on a 11-minute tour of the handheld router. What I love about Steve’s approach is that he makes all kinds of useful household items in his garage workshop. He doesn’t have fancy tools and he takes the approach of using whatever tools he has to complete […]


How to Make Half Lap Joints on the Table Saw

By Wayne / March 29, 2013

A lap joint is a technique of joining two pieces of material together by overlapping them.  In a half lap joint, material is removed from each of the members so that the resulting joint is the thickness of the thickest member.  Most commonly in half lap joints, the members are of the same thickness and half […]

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