Hand Saw Sharpening – New Life for and Old Tool

Hand Saw

Hand SawHand Saw – The Best Tool we Never Use

We’ve all got at least one hand saw laying around our homes, maybe more than one, but we probably never use them because they are dull or, worse, so rusted that they appear completely unusable.  Too bad because the trusty hand saw is an  extremely useful tool around the house.  Whether cutting tree limbs, lumber, plywood or plastic pipe (sprinkler repair anyone?) knowing how to sharpen your saw can save you time, money and keep you safer.  A sharp saw is much easier to use than a dull one because it requires less force to cut.  When a saw is forced, it can easily slip and cause serious injury.

Today’s video features, woodworker Paul Sellers.  Paul is a furniture maker that’s been practicing for the last 45 years.  He’s from the UK and he spends much of his time teaching others the craft of woodworking.  Paul even has his own YouTube Channel with a ton of videos available to help you with the craft of woodworking.

This video focuses on the techniques required to properly sharpen a hand saw.  It’s about 34 minutes long, so there is a ton of detail.  Paul discusses various types of saws and ways to sharpen each one depending on what the saw will be used for.  Whether you are using the saw to cut tree limbs or fine wood in your shop, this video can bring your old hand saw back to life and perhaps keep you from having to buy new tools!

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