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Begin Woodworking the Right Way

By Wayne / May 8, 2013

“How to I Begin Woodworking” is a popular question that comes to the BLOG.  Frequently readers ask about tools that are required, how much space is needed and what to do first. The good news is those are the exact questions that this site is designed to cover. Woodworking can be extremely rewarding. Needing a […]


A Scary Reminder of Tablesaw Kickback

By Wayne / May 2, 2013

If you’ve used power tools for any length of time, you recognize that they are potentially dangerous tools with LOTS of power.  If you’ve read your owner’s manual or watched any video, chances are you’ve heard the speeches and disclaimers about using safety guards.  Things like the riving knife and blade guard on your table […]


Top 5 Woodworking Projects for Beginners

By Wayne / April 25, 2013

Now that you are ready to start woodworking, what in the world should you build?  There are so many options that it’s sometimes difficult to figure out where to begin.  Deciding on which tools are needed, which wood to choose, what finish to use can all be daunting tasks. Today we’re going to help you […]


How to Find the Best Wood for Woodworking

By Wayne / April 23, 2013

Deciding what to build is just the beginning when tackling a woodworking project. Once you have an idea of what you want to build, then you need to figure out what to build it out of… Plywood, Softwood or Hardwood. Each can have a place in your next building project, and, if chosen properly all […]


Wood Working: The Best Hobby in the World!

By Wayne / April 16, 2013

Woodworkers – There are a Whole Lot of Us Out There! According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2010 there were over 217,000 professional woodworkers employed in the US.  Compare that with a survey conducted by National Family Opinion on behalf of Wood Magazine found that approximately 5.5 million Americans actively participate in […]


Wood Working for Do It Yourselfers

By Wayne / April 12, 2013

Photo courtesy of Velo Steve The Wood Working Resource Wood working is a wonderful hobby (or even profession) for anyone who is handy or considers themselves a Do It Yourselfer. Wood working combines the joy of using dangerous power tools to build fun projects, it caters to creative types as well as structured individuals. As […]


Top 10 Sources for Free Woodworking Plans

By Wayne / April 7, 2013

When woodworking, having a good set of plans can make the building process faster and more productive.  A quality set of plans includes photographs, material lists, cutting diagrams and step by step instructions.  Finding quality sources for these types of plans is easier than you may think.  Check out our Top 10 sources for free, […]


A Workbench to Last a Lifetime

By Wayne / April 7, 2013

When setting up shop for woodworking, a flat, stable work surface is an essential tool for success.  Luckily, it also makes a great woodworking project.  Read on to see how you can build this amazing workbench for your shop.


Supercharge Your ShopVac

By Wayne / April 5, 2013

If you’ve ever used a Shop Vac to clean your woodshop, you have quickly realized that the fine dust particles clog up the Shop Vac filter very quickly.  A clogged filter means less suction power and increased strain on the motor, likely causing the motor to fail prematurely.  Today’s article will show you a clever […]