Introduction to Handheld Routers

By Wayne / April 1, 2013
Get Started with a Handheld Router

Steve Ramsey from Woodworking for Mere Mortals takes us on a 11-minute tour of the handheld router. What I love about Steve’s approach is that he makes all kinds of useful household items in his garage workshop. He doesn’t have fancy tools and he takes the approach of using whatever tools he has to complete a project. So many woodworking sites have tens of thousands of dollars worth of high-end tools. They seemingly have every tool available and use each one when building a project.

Steve’s approach is to get creative and use whatever tools he has in his shop. This video is no exception. Here Steve focuses on:

  • An introduction to the Handheld router
    • What is it
    • What does it do
    • Why it’s the second-most used tool in his shop
  • Types of Routers
  • How you can get a router for $100 or less
  • Router Bits
    • What are they
    • Where to get them
    • How to get the best deal on them
    • What key bits every woodworker needs to have
  • Main features of a router
  • Proper feed direction
  • Router demonstration
  • Features and Benefits of a router table
  • Demonstration of various bits and the profiles that they cut

Do you use a router in your shop?  If so, let us know what other accessories or techniques you use to make this versatile tool the best it can be in your shop!